Integrated Production Management Portal

Integrated Production Management Portal Tetromize

Integrated Production Management Portal

Solution introduction

In the course of the evolution of management, and especially the evolution of scientific management, the production management branch was introduced several decades ago as a way to systematize in-plant operations. This approach has been coupled with a systematic approach in an efficient and effective manner so that managers in the field of production can recognize components effective in processes and operations and solve the production and even service issues with a comprehensive view. Today, with the increasing competitiveness of the market, the basic constraints such as reducing the time to market the product and minimizing the time to advance the production of the product in the production process, the need for feedback or information flow and the implementation of reform in production also organizations to integrate operations produced. With the use of industrial automation in the production management system, a mechanism is created to assist in the integration of processes and production operations of all requirements and constraints, and are automatically executed and all commands are also operational at the very least in the shortest possible time.

Solution features



  1. Manage order-based production routines
  2. Registration of complete formulation and production process (OPC)
  3. Ability to define the components needed to build each product
  4. Separating workstations with a dedicated carton for each user
  5. Complete process of quality control with the possibility of recording performance of semi-finished products and products
  6. It is possible to record the performance of production including healthy produce, waste, mismatch and duplication
  7. Provide a report of a semi-fabricated inventory in the manufacturing process, broken down by work stations