Web Designer-Specific Web Design

Web Designer-Specific Web Design Tetromize

Web Designer-Specific Web Design

Solution introduction

The newest web-based caching software for the printing industry and dedicated print design enthusiasts has been produced. Use this product in a web-based panel with full features on different products like t-shirt, calendar and ... Design your favorite mold and role and preview it. This product has many different features, some of which we look at together.

Solution features



  1. Ability to design and customize a variety of templates and structures with a few simple clicks and Drag & Drop
  2. Possibility to provide pre-made packages to users
  3. Ability to upload images from the Instagram account, Facebook, Google Drive and the user's device memory
  4. Offer on various occasions
  5. Proprietary editing features include background change, item priority, zoom, rotation, crop, and more.
  6. Ability to add tags and default shapes
  7. Ability to add and edit custom texts with a variety of fonts
  8. Possibility to design envelopes in projects such as postcards and greetings
  9. Preview products before printing in two-dimensional format
  10. Storage of built-in projects
  11. Ability to get output in common printable formats
  12. Checking the quality of the images on the layout for printing and Displaying the appropriate message