Intra-Organization Panel(WEBTOP)

Intra-Organization Panel(WEBTOP) Tetromize

Intra-Organization Panel(WEBTOP)

Solution introduction

WebTop are an example for an in-house portal that can be created on the Internet. This portal has many functions, including the possibility of internal correspondence, online meetings, ... In addition, there are other everyday possibilities on this portal. Like the news panel of the latest technology, the news of Iran and the world, the frontiers of Iran's sports and soccer, ..., Meteorological Panel, calendar with the ability to record and ...

Solution features



In most organizations, the most fundamental human resource problem is the lack of integrated electronic tools that they use.

This problem can be easily solved with the help of the web-based Web Panel inside the Web server, which is designed and implemented by Data Company. With the help of this human resource panel, an organization can have all the tools it has during one working day ( Such as email, chat room, calendar, note insertion, Google Checkout, contact with managers and other members of the organization in the shortest time possible ...) in the form of a full package.

This feature-rich application has the ability to customize each organization's functionality (such as adding vacation sections - projects, access limits, etc.)