Thinkco Tetromize


While many people are talking about starting a business, a few of them actually have the brilliant idea. Think Co analyzes the business idea, improve revenue streams, discusses financial options, developed the strategy paths of the market,
offers a lot of suggestions on team building and resources, Analyzes feasibility, And eventually reaches the roadmap for the next steps.

Entrepreneurship, be independence, economic Growth provides social stability. Our vision is to create a society that lives in peace and prosperity.

Tetromize is proud to be partner with the Think co team in some projects and be designer of their website.



Some of website features:

  • Slider to display the desired banners
  • Site menu graphically
  • The main menu and its options at the top of the main page
  • Possibility to link the logo and return to the main page
  • Display the sub-set of all the main menu options if you put the mouse pointer over them in the drop-down boxThe ability to display services with attractive photos on the home screen
  • The ability to display services with attractive photos on the homepage
  • Possibility to display different videos and images on the homepage
  • Ability to display desired items as a list or network mode
  • The ability to display selected latest articles and news on the homepage
  • View the search section on all pages of the siteSharing images and videos on social networks
  • Ability to limit the search community for the site by choosing the desired options like Services, News
  • Ability to Share images and videos on social networks
  • Show text and pictures about company
  • Ability to assign different sections like our team, goals and prospects
  • Possibility to get resume and company's history as a PDF file
  • The possibility of displaying done works, licenses and approvals of the company
  • And so on