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Arshia Orange is a comprehensive website for comparing, reviewing, displaying and choosing online services of building Units and Raw material. This website connects consumers to the original manufacturer
and sales network with the best quality and up-to-date pieces of information and provides an opportunity for all manufacturers in building materials industry that they can compete with each other and they can provide their products directly to consumers.

This website is a combination of experience in the construction industry, produce building materials and information technology which has provided special and extensive facilities for all citizens, especially whose work is related to the construction industry, to spend the least time for getting all the necessary technical information and find best prices available on the market.
While online comparing, you can access the product or service through the main supplier.

The most important goals of Arshia Orange website is the introduction of comprehensive services and construction materials, notice accurate price and the possibility to review, compare and select services and construction materials.

The website features are:

  • Possibility to register on site: by registration on the website, you will have more access to the website facilities. Also, if you forget your password, it can be retrieved.
  • Possibility to insert new product: A form will be displayed for insert new product and your request will be reviewed and answered after completing it and sending it to the administrator.
  • Normal and advanced search: Search by brand, product type, type of service, and ... will be possible.
  • Cart: In the cart you can insert products unlimited, there is also the possibility to remove or insert products in the cart.
  • Slider: in the home-page, it is possible to insert unlimited images on the slider.
  • Displaying product on home-page: In addition to displaying products on the home-page, Also products will be displayed in the main menu and at the bottom of the page. (for visitors feel comfortable).
  • Product page: Each product's page is designed individually to view all product details such as Price, color, dimensions, Product supplier attributes, Users comments about that product and so on are possible to view.
  • If the product stock will be available, insert the product into cart will be possible. On this page, you can contact the product suppliers directly. On this page, similar products and previously searched products will be displayed for site visitors.
  • The most viewed products section: Products that have a high number in searches or view, or their sales are in the high level, are automatically imported into this section and displayed for the users. 
  • The most recent products: Whenever a new product will be added by admin, this new product will be displayed in this section.
  • Displaying special products: Admin can add series of products as special products.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter: With sign up on the website you can find out about the latest news and products.
  • Ability to connect to social networks such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and ...
  • Show services.
  • Contact us.
  • About us.