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Shop It

The project is designed in the form of a website and mobile app (Android and IOS) and its products and users will consist of two categories:

Recipient: All people who are active in the Internet and shop online.

Service Provider: Various businesses that offer online sales and presence services (bags, shoes, clothing, etc.).

With this startup app, service users who are Internet users will be informed of the latest sales and latest product launches. Service providers can also launch their online store for free and display their products.

Each service provider can create a store page. This page is tracked by the recipients and can share it and buy and sell it and view the auctions. The app has an unlimited number of items to upload.


There is also direct and indirect advertiding available in this app.

  • Among the features of this app are:
  • The price of all products on their photos shortens the time to make purchasing decisions
  • Other comments from users are read about the product and they can comment
  • Ability to annotate your favorite products
  • Sharing the product with your friends on other virtual networks
  • Direct contact with the seller via telephone or telegram
  • Ability to report offending vendor or unrelated product
  • View a list of similar products
  • Provide promotional packages for product owners

  • It is possible to register products for free, which can be used to count unlimited number of products with detailed details and details.
  • Ability to register auction for products
  • Ability to follow product page (Fuloo)
  • Image advertising of products and raising the percentage of viewing and selling
  • Offer special products from different brands to the user
  • Notifications on cell phones in all languages
  • Proposing a related collection of products (as in the Instagram Magnifier section)
  • Sell statistics and purchase reports of users
  • Opening a virtual store by the product vendor (for free)
  • View detailed contact information for easy user access
  • Register products along with photos, descriptions, price and tag tags for that product to display in the search engine
  • Raise the number of flavors by providing good service
  • Ability to insert products as an auction for viewing at auctions without having to change the product image
  • The user is faced with a long list of the most recent auctions
  • See a list of new products from Falun Dafa shops