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Car Quick Service


Have you ever thought about changing your car's oil electronically?

The kaven website is dedicated to providing services to customers in the field of car repair.

The main page includes these features :

1- Slider for advertisement banners and introduce more services
2- Display registration options and request for service
3- Possibility to show different kinds of video and pictures
4- Display done services with graphical report

Login and Register of this website has these features:
1- Register in system with phone number and possibility to get and recovery password with SMS
2- Possibility to register and confirm email after registration
3- Electronic wallet
4- Possibility to check transactions and orders

Quick Service Quick Application

The website services are as below:

Possibility to define car that include brand, model,production year,color and etc
show services as a list whith ability to choose graphically
show list of products realated with type of car and services chosen
(like show suitable oil for Kia Sportage 2016) or posibility to show
features of each product and comparison products with each other

after selection of your service, the cost and factor will be displayed.
time will be chosen by the user
special page for getting agency will be open. on this page, different items will exist.

News and articles sections include these:



Possibility to see a report from done services

Show articles and news with category and possibility to see details and filter them
Page for report details with the possibility to see description and different images
Possibility to be a gallery with effects
Ability to share images on social networks
About us

Possibility to show favorite admin text
Possibility to dedicate separate parts like our team, vision, and mission
Possibility to upload resume and history of the company as pdf formatf
Contact us

Especial page with a dedicated design with features of contacting us section
Form for contact us

Possibility to manage website with insert, delete, edit all contents without any needs of programming knowledge in admin panel.

  • View the system's statistics daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly totals of referrals, all browsers,
    total users, online users, last few hits and recent user activity.
  • Possibility to create descriptions, title meta tags, description meta tags, keywords meta tag for multilingual and optimized services for search engines.
  • Possibility to create Persian address for SEO and categories and place an image for them
  • Ability to define users and roles in the system with levels of access to menus for working with different departments
  • Create sliders to display banners with the ability to set priorities for them on the site
  • Dynamic menu manager with the ability to manage items displayed, title and links on each site
  • Possibility to manage the header and footer of the site individually 
  • Site settings include contact information, social networks, page titles, logos, favicon
  • Contact information management includes address, contact number, company email
  • Application address settings including City, Area, Neighborhood (in accordance with Excel)
  • Social network management includes the field to put the company address on each page
  • Selecting the title of the site to be displayed on all pages of the browser (Page Title)
  • Ability to load custom logo for site
  • Ability to load favorite icons for browsing (favicon) for the site
  • Determine the amount of credit for each of the users, check code, online payment, invite friends
  • Ability to enable and disable discounts and incentives
  • Ability to specify value of Value-added
  • The ability to define customers
  • View the customer list with the ability to edit, enable or disable
  • Ability to define a variety of services such as oil change, filter, car wash
  • Ability to enable and disable services
  • List of orders
  • Possibility to change the order status by selecting from Drop Down
  • Show customers' purchase records and debtor or creditor status
  • The push notification feature on the FCM platform for sending text and photos
  • Ability to define wage cost per service
  • List of pieces with the ability to add new pieces, delete and edit existing pieces, display the inventory of each piece
  • Possibility to record the value for different characteristics of each piece (such as type, viscosity, volume, construction method, model, fit type of engine, storage conditions, API quality, other specifications for engine oil).
  • Ability to activate the ordering even after the products' inventory has been completed 
  • Display your customers and vehicles with active or inactive modes or remove user