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What is multi-media?
Multi-media is a context that is built of the combination of text, graphics, painting, motion pictures, video,
animation, audio, and any other media that can provide, store, transfer, or transmit any kind of information through digital media and processed.

Multi-Media Application is an application that uses a set of multimedia resources. For example text, graphics, images, audio, animation, or video.

In the world of technology, Car companies are trying to overtake from each other in all areas and provide newer and more up-to-date services to customers.

Karmania Company has been established in 2007 as one of the main agency of BYD Company and in the process of reaching its goals, which
is the establishment and development of advanced car production and employment creation, is now work.

Dadekavan company with co-operating with Karmania company decided to produce Multimedia of BYD S6 IN 2017 and it is currently being developed as a multimedia of the S6, and it is available for customers.

The features of this software are as follows:

  1. Displays the amount of time taken from the file in the form of a status bar, such as a ProgressBar
  2. Implementation of the folder system and change the list of files from the general mode
  3. Quick and accurate audio file transfer by touching the status bar of the audio file
  4. Display the name of the current folder file at the top of the page
  5. Add button to go back to the previous folder
  6. Displays the duration of the audio file playing at a precision of one second
  7. Change the position of the next and previous page buttons, and display the text
    of the number of files to make the application more environmentally friendly
  8. Redesign the list of audio files to add a folder to them and add a folder icon to the folder items to distinguish between the audio file items
  9. Change the color, size of file numbers, font size to read file names and improve UX program.
  10. Change the image of the entrance page for the list of files and add the logo of the company Karmania co
  11. Optimize file loading speed
  12. Implementation of the real-time control system on the time of files and make sufficient infrastructure to use this feature in all parts of the multimedia.
  13. Resolve the problems of the folding and optimize it
  14. Save the last status of the multimedia system (the folder is open and the song is playing) on the device and rebuild it
  15. Removing add-ons of the program (Improving the UI and UX program) and displaying the title of the audio file and the current folder name above the multimedia environment to make it easier to work with the program.
  16. The implementation of the navigating system and simultaneous management of two lists of files (the list of files being played and the list of files navigate between them). This system allows you that listen to the audio and navigate to audio files at same time.
  17. Close the select window after 0.5 seconds after clicking on the confirmation button
  18. Modify the location of audio file elements and buttons to change the page in DVD mode
  19. Eliminating the loop when the list only has a folder
  20. When you move to the next item, if the next item was folder then played directly next song.



Do not compute the number of folders in a folder in the number of songs in that folder


So, we are working to bring this product, as well as other Dadekavan products, to the highest level and we can reach our goal that is satisfying customers.