Automated car system

Automated car system Tetromize

Automated car system

The production halls of this company with an area of about 100 hectares is located in the special economic zone of Bam city, and as one of the employment pillars, has a significant role in Kerman province. The name of this car company has been derived from the ancient name of Kerman, which is Karmania, which means the place of work and construction.The whole focus of this company is product quality, post-sales service and costmers satisfication.Selling cars for this company is like creating value for our customers and build a long-term relationship with them based on trust.

Automotive company emphasizes to respect all individuals and reponse to their problems, and always strives to enhance this principle defining and implementing social responsibilities, advancing through the framework of environmental and use knowledge, technology and research. Meeting the needs of our customer, inclding after-sales services, diversity in production and supply of products with reasonable price is one of the main obligations of our work.

The employees of Karmania is the most valuable fund of this company and cause to develop. The Karmania co tries to protect this fund and grow it in the base of education and learning.

Website features are:

  • The main menu includes products, services, suppliers, news, articles, about us, contact us and ...
  • View photo and video of products in the slider
  • All subgroup can be displayed as Mega Menu
  • Display the lastest, best-selling and most popular
  • Possibility to display different videos and images on the home-page
  • Possibility to display popular experience, track car status, sales plans, sales agents and .. on the home-page
  • Possibility to display the latest news, rules, and policies on the homepage
  • Introducing social networks on the homepage, possibility to share images and videos on social networks
  • Show the sections of the main menu at the bottom of all pages
  • Register on the website by inserting information such as name, email and contact number and ...
  • Ability to subscribe with google account, Instagram and other social networks.
  • Possibility to confirm with email after registration and recovery password by Email
  • Ability to record information such as name, family name, Email, company name, contact number and ...
  • Send password and activation link to users' email to activate the panel
  • The menu includes admin panel, access to files, display user documents, display users' order history, change profile information and ... 
  • Submenu of rules includes existing roles with the ability to edit and delete them, define a new role, edit the permissions for each role and display the list of each role.
  • Managing users through a table list which display all users with its role..
  • The roles that exist in automation:
  • Manager of the system, Expert in delivery system, warehouse expert, production manager, quality control manager, quality control inspector, production and repair expert, RFID manager, Display name and image of the user registered on the panel page.
  • And..Ability to complete and edit user personal information
  • Display Request Date, Product Type, Order Status
  • Design a special page including contact details, Google map, QR, insert resume and history of the company in PDF format, contact form for receiving (comments, suggestions, questions, problems, and requests) 
  • Ability to view executive requirements related to the role in the user's panel
  • Create a very simple task routine to speed things up
  • The roles that have access to the panel include the Quality Control Inspector, the Quality Control Manager, the User for Repair and Production, the System Administrator, each of whom can see its work table. For example, for a quality control user can see the list of vehicles that should be checked.
  • The ability to record orders that are supplied from the source
  • View all previous orders in the order table
  • The ability to record requests for fragmented or corrupted