This software is an Android-based software for testing the speed of the internet and it runs on all android devices like tablets, smartphones and ... .Also, it will be displayed pieces of information like location, download speed, upload, hosting details, Ping, Ip and etc.

The user can use this software with internal and external servers to test internet speed and information of test will be emailed on PDF/excel format.you can share your speed test on the internet and send installation link to friends via social network applications.

In the Admin section, you have access to lots of information and reports will be displayed. These reports are: View all users who have installed the software, display the number of online users and who using the software at the moment, display the numbers of requests and averaging them through the day, display all users' previous speed test.Also, admin can send messages to users and see the information of registered users.

The features of this application are as follows:

  • Ability to test internet speed
  • Display features of network: In this section of the application, you will be able to see provider's IP.it's also interesting to know whenever you use the application,the information of connected IP will be stored on the program memory. the name of the country and the city will also be displayed.
  • History section: all calculations will be archived in details since the first time you use this application. you can also sort them by computation date, download speed, pload speed and ping or yo can remove them.

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  • Compute upload speed: The speed of the upload will be calculated accurately and displayed as a chart.
  • Calculate download speed: Possibility to calculate and display internet speed and it displayed as a chart.
  • Calculate ping display.
  • Ability to display information in both KB / s and Mbps.
  • The ability to store the latest speed: You can see the last calculated speed in the application. by choosing the option (update), the speed of the network that you are connected will be calculated.
  • Possibility to enter the Mobin net website directly.
  • Ability to share with social networks: You can share the computations directly on social networks ( Telegram, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc).