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One of the most powerful ways to know a country's tourism potential is the use of websites. Websites are a great opportunity to introduce multi-language and multimedia capabilities of a country's tourism, due to the great value of information that they have in the digital world with one billion users.

Among informational tour websites of a country, official sites are more important. Official websites, are the digital speakers of a nation on the internet, and the more powerful these databases are, the more responsive they will be. Websites have a dynamic nature and they make it possible to modify and move images and texts without new costs. Increasing the number of internet users and the capacity and power of internet websites has an influence on marketing in the tourism industry.

It has been launched to provide the right information and quick to passengers.

The website features are: 

  • Possibility to advance search for tourism attraction.
  • In home page you can view the last edit of website.
  • The page of each city has been designed seprately and there is possible to insert information that is related to that.
  • Complete and accurate information about all hotels in the world.
  • The most viewed interesting places could be shown in home page.
  • Display summary of the last news. 
  • Newsletter.
  • Possibility to sign up users in newsletter with email. 
  • Categorize interesting places in terms of continent. (A brief description of each continent is displayed. Full details can be found by clicking on any continent.)
  • Ability to sort places by name in terms ascending and descending.
  • Possibility to search for tourist places.
  • Ability to display tourist places in both list and box. 
  • Individual page design of each continent, country categorization and distinctive design to introduce the tourist places of each country.
  • View the list of tourist cities in each country.
  • Create galleries for each city.
  • View hotels in any tourist city.
  • Show the museums of the tourist city.

  • Show local and traditional cuisine of the tourist city.
  • Display the currency of the tourist city.
  • Show shopping malls of the tourist city.
  • View and Explain the Sights of the Tourist City.
  • The public information section on the city page for the description of the various explanations related to that city.
  • View the weather of the respective city on its dedicated page.
  • View relevant cities on each city page.
  • Possibility to comment on each user's verification.
  • Display the news archive in the main menu and categorize it. Also, news on the page that is displayed has the ability to sort by ascending and descending names.
  • Possibility to comment on the news page.
  • Show other news at the bottom of any news page.
  • Categorization of hotels.
  • Filtering capabilities on hotels (such as country, city, hotel facilities, etc.)
  • The possibility of obtaining a visa.
  • About us.
  • Contact us.
  • The information section of the site includes the following items: currency information, weather information (weather conditions displaying the most important cities in Iran and the world), flight information, visa, Tehran traffic, list of embassies, conversion units needed for travel, map Shipping lines and ...
  • Ability to upload and create galleries in the information section.
  • And...

Online sales of tours and tickets will be added to this website.