The Electronic company has come to the world of electronics to make a smile on the face of manufacturers.The company is working on the production, assembly and import electronic components includes printed circuits and electronic boars.

The Electronic website has been designed and implemented by Dadekavan company. Some features are: 

Users area:

  • With separate forums and subcategories
  • A comprehensive search of all the forums
  • Possibility to create topics and categorize them and display the most visited topics
  • View daily views, number of online people, and number of online members
  • Ability to record any user's avatar and photo
  • Different polls and contests and graphical reports
  • Ability to rate by the number of likes for each topic and comment
  • RSS for the Forums
  • Possibility to write multi-level comments
  • Reports of visitors 
  • Possibility to tag on any topic
  • Possibility to send file and image to any comment


Admin features:

  • Comprehensive management on forums, topics and comments, and so on
  • Display reports by fields count, time, browser, operating system
  • List all comments of any topic with the possibility to be answered by admin
  • Manage promotional banners
  • Ability to connect SMS and Email panel for authentication, greetings and answering a question by admin
  • Error logging and management
  • View the visit of the posts and the whole site by filter visit and visitors
  • Record different polls and reports in charts format
  • Separate file manager system
  • Ability to define types of ads