found a lot of support for the advertising industry. Companies and advertising agencies in the world are providing these services.

The Comma adz website is the provider of electronic services in the business industry in Iran. With the help of a young and creative team in the field of commerce and e-commerce, Comma adz provides the most up-to-date services; it is also step by step with the global standards.

One of the main services of this website is the QR code and marketing of H2H.

The history of using QR codes comes back to a Japanese company affiliated with the Toyota Company, which first used the technology for identifying parts and machines for the first time in 1994. QR is a two-dimensional bar code that uses smartphones and dedicated devices Read QR Droid and link directly to your email, website, phone number and social networking sites. In fact, these types of bar codes allowed Japanese companies to quickly detect an object in any shape quickly by the machine and other factors. Due to the success of this technology, over time, the world became widespread, and in various fields, especially business And advertisements were used.

Nowadays, this new technology has been launched with the help of the Comma adz team in Iran. The code is widely used in e-commerce, advertising, and related services.

One of the applications of QR in marketing can be the ability to store various information in your own, use it in promotional tracks, record email address or contact number, find geographic location, send SMS, record information and Wi-Fi settings (which is one of the most used places For it, inserting barcodes in the restaurant menu and coffee shop for customer use), website address registration, personal pages on social networks and more.

These are just one corner of the application of this technology in advertising. With creativity, it can be used to expand it. 

Another service of Comma adz H2H marketing is the newest marketing method aimed at paying attention to customer demand, steady customer attraction, creating a sense of trust for the customer, and used in the electronic marketplac or this reason, if you are looking for intelligent promotional posters, catalog intelligence, promotional intelligence, online instant casting, constant customer loyalty, liking and flooding on social networks, high website visibility, and top going to know your brand;